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Slack Jawed….

I feel like a slack jawed yokel as I watched the disintegration of the United States of America live on primetime TV last night. I am sure there are many people out there justifying what happened yesterday in Washington DC. … Continue reading

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Pragmatic Remainer….

One of the joys of being laid up for a few days with a bad cold (no it isn’t covid as I have. none of the symptoms – I just like I had a cold – there is a difference) … Continue reading

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Is this the end or the Beginning?

It is very easy to see things are going to ratshit.  As the heat rises so is the likelihood that the United States of America is going go up in flames.   Well that seems to be the view of many … Continue reading

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Walk on by…

If you see me walking down the street And I start to cry each time we meet Walk on by, walk on by Bacharach & David Over the weekend 29 people were murder in two gun incidents in the United … Continue reading

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How healthy do you feel?

This is a quote from an article I found in the New York Magazine and whilst it is specific to the current mess that the Republican party in the United States are getting themselves into over healthcare it is just … Continue reading

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What if Donald Trump works?

Over the past few days I have read an awful lot of outpouring of hate towards the new President of the United States.   Many people have compared him to the second coming of Hitler (this is only slightly exaggerated … Continue reading

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Supply chain free trade

So the summer is over and we are all getting back to the business of business, government and earning a living in whichever way we do. The summer has been a season of fantasy and now we are having to … Continue reading

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The absurdity of life

Every now and then something happens to lift the lid on the completely crazy way that Great Britain is run – last night was one of those times.The scenario is this – a Conservative government tried to remove a significant … Continue reading

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Project LV One – Day 276 to Day 291

Holiday snap shots…how very interesting.   The sarcasm of the statement drips through me with a dread.  Actually having looked at what I have posted I have come to realise what they actually say is what a jumble my mind … Continue reading

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