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It’s Nine O’Clock on a Saturday….

As Billy Joel started to sing those words I looked up at the clock and it was indeed nine o’clock although I think he was sing about PM rather than AM on a Saturday.    

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love HS2…

So the battle of Boris’s Big Brexit Bong  seems to be over as there is going to be a light show instead or something I think I’m not sure and I don’t care that much. Today we find our intrepid … Continue reading

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13 Days

  So there we have it…it all comes down to Saturday…forget Premier League Football (sorry Rugby World Cup but you know that compared to Premier League football very few care), forget Final Score or Sports Report.  This Saturday will be … Continue reading

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78 Days

There is one aspect of the Leave case that the Remain side doesn’t have an answer to – legitimacy.   They may bang on about Russian interference, lies on the side of buses or xenophobia but the Leave side won the … Continue reading

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92 Days

Beyond the probable disappointment of the Brecon and Radnorshire by election tomorrow there seems to be a small amount of good news for the Government and the alleged Svengali working behind the scenes Dominic Cummings.   It would seem that Nigel … Continue reading

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Well that was a waste of time….

Matt Chorley – Red Box Newsletter 11th April 2019 Well that was a waste of time.   We had a referendum in 2016 which indicated Britain wanted to Leave the European Union (EU).  The Conservative government decided to make Brexit their … Continue reading

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