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72 Days

  When lost in a never ending storm it is always worth stating known facts rather than speculation based on speculation when trying to navigate your way out of the maelstrom .   So before I start to speculate these are … Continue reading

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77 Days

A new day and a new bit of nonsense – Jeremy Corbyn has decided he is the leader of the Remain side in the House of Commons – he wants to be their Prime Minister and is willing to lead … Continue reading

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78 Days

There is one aspect of the Leave case that the Remain side doesn’t have an answer to – legitimacy.   They may bang on about Russian interference, lies on the side of buses or xenophobia but the Leave side won the … Continue reading

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79 Days

Visiting the excellent The Wonderful World of the Ladybird Book Artists at the Leicester Museum and Art gallery for a second time doesn’t diminish the experience.    For anyone over 50 in Britain it was like revisiting your childhood.   All … Continue reading

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82 Days

  I know we are supposed to be positive and embrace the brand new world that Brexit is going to offer and to anything else is now considered a thought crime but I have one question for all those driving … Continue reading

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87 Days

Don’t stop movin’ There reaches a point when everything is just absurd…we are well past that point I know and I suspect we’re only moving in one one direction. There’s no end in sight….

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90 Days

  The votes have been cast and the result is in:  the Liberal Democrats have won back the Brecon and Radnorshire seat from the Conservatives.  This was the 18th winnable seat for the Liberal Democrats based on the last General … Continue reading

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