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YouTube…what is it good for? Absolutely…

I have found myself watching a great deal of youtube these days.  In fact in my small and what I have always assumed exclusive selection I feel I have become something of an expert on the style and substance of … Continue reading

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Brexit Britain No. 12

Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.” Sitting high above the Severn valley in mid Wales does give a wonderful perspective on the nonsense that continues to utter from our political masters and their coterie of political journalists.  Yesterday the Prime Minister was … Continue reading

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Another Crazy Winter’s Day

Beyond the difficulty of shooting in bright sunshine it was another crazy winter’s day – at least if you consider nearly 18 degrees and brilliant sunshine a winter’s day!   The nature at Calke Abbey today looked completely baffled as this … Continue reading

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So much for great plans…

  The golden hour, oh how we photographers bang on about it.  The golden hour – the time around dawn and dusk when the light is at its best!   That is of course when the weather forecast is correct.   A … Continue reading

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There be dragons….

After spending an excellent day in north London we found ourselves in trees of the Ashridge Estate, Hertfordshire.   This may well mean nothing to an awful lot of people – it didn’t to me until today.   However, many millions of … Continue reading

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Another Busy Day at Calke…

Clearly not all the kids have gone back to school today….still there is enough space at Calke Abbey to find some more deserted locations.

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Suffering for my art…

Bright, flat daytime light is possibly some of the worst light for capturing images.   It makes for pleasant walking conditions, especially when there is a breeze, but capturing images – it can be a nightmare.   Today I found … Continue reading

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