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Be Careful What You Wish For….

What Tory leader wouldn’t want an opponent like Jeremy Corbyn (Theresa May?) .  He is an avowed left wing MP who is at the very least very lukewarm about NATO and all it stands for.   Corbyn makes no bones about … Continue reading

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An act of god?…..

  The story writes itself.   Unfortunately, as the national newspapers all originate in London this is from the “In Brief” section of today’s Times.   The political talking heads, in London, are all chatting about the effect that Nigel Farage’s capitulation … Continue reading

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1 Day

  This would have been it…we should have preparing ourselves for the great leap.  Instead, no ditch was worried by Boris Johnson but rather we are all getting ready for an election.   In many ways this is something of a … Continue reading

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16 Days

All I need is the Air that I breathe I wonder if this is how it felt just before the Titanic hit the iceberg?   The calm before the storm?  I haven’t got the first clue but I suspect I am … Continue reading

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30 Days

  This morning, whilst walking by the newspaper stand in my local foodstore, I noticed one paper claiming that a government of national unity is in the process of being formed.  I have to say I think this is a … Continue reading

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35 Days

I give up with them all.   The idea of having a general election on the run up to a major turning point in this country’s post second world war history is just nuts but there they were all the Tories … Continue reading

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49 Days

There is one problem that all the remain politicians and those of us who want to remain within the European Union (EU) cannot overcome: Legitimacy.   Much as I hate to agree with Boris Johnson on this point I think he … Continue reading

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