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Young Heart….

For me Christmas is a strange time of year.   Unlike many people have worked on many Christmas days and so the day itself isn’t that remarkable.  Instead, the important day is when all the family get together and enjoy each … Continue reading

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Let it Go… Let it Go….

I had such great plans for this afternoon then it rained and rained so rain stopped play!   Instead I have just been busying myself with a bit of sketching.  

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15 Days

And so the waiting begins…will we?  Won’t they?

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16 Days

All I need is the Air that I breathe I wonder if this is how it felt just before the Titanic hit the iceberg?   The calm before the storm?  I haven’t got the first clue but I suspect I am … Continue reading

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81 Days

Release Me

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Life is like a box of donuts….

  Do I stay or do I go?   Not sure whether this blog will be closed down after all these years or not.   I am rethinking my whole engagement with social media in general and this blog in particular.  Do … Continue reading

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Pulling a Richard….

It is tempting call foul on the voting of the Tory MPs this evening that gave Boris Johnson his ideal candidate – you could say it was almost Nixonesque in its execution – if it wasn’t for the fact that … Continue reading

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