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Bridge over…

After what seems like an unending stream of days when the light was appalling – grey on grey – we finally got a nice crisp dawn.  On with the thick coat and off I go to get my fingertips frozen!  … Continue reading

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A Bright New Morning…

  Over the years our views and tastes change.  We also acquire new skills and interests.   We also start to forget some of the things that once made us us.   An example from my own life is that I once … Continue reading

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I don’t feel like dancing…

So what a great way to start the year – Donald Trump jumps into the mess that is the Middle East.   Nobody has the first clue how this will work out other than nothing good will probably come of it … Continue reading

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Mostly Damp Coventry….

I really can’t wait until the 21st December…it was a horrible, damp dark day in Coventry…still the exhibitions were worth the dampness.

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Making hay….

We are now back to indeterminant grey again – the clouds break for a shot while and a bright blue yonder appears only to be quickly enveloped once more by the grey of winter.   Because of this it is nice … Continue reading

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It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas….

  23 days to go and the weather seems to be taking a turn for the cold…it certainly felt a bit nippy this morning.   With one great day approaching a more modern day has just passed – Black Friday.   Here … Continue reading

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Winter is here….

So that was that…Autumn has gone and winter is here.  If the last day of Autumn started with frosts and mists it ended with muddy fields and low low sunsets.   Only 21 days to go before the days start to … Continue reading

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