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All the lonely…

Thought I would exercise some different muscles today (I am attending a LIfe Drawing class on Saturday so a bit of practice wouldn’t go a miss.) .  It is also nice to use real materials instead of just Apple Pencil … Continue reading

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The dog days of the year….

So that was Christmas and what have you done?   Well for me I have been pulling my yearbook together and well just making some sketches.   Well it beats watching the nonsense (most of it) that is on the TV!

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Things to do in a hotel room…

Now come on please…this is a family blog, well sort of, so none of those smutty thoughts here!   This morning I woke early and sat down and knocked out this sketch before getting ready for breakfast.   This isn’t the first … Continue reading

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You gotta do what you should…

  If ever there were two images that show all the things that are wrong with modern art these are they.   This has nothing to do with the with the paintings them self as they some of the most powerful … Continue reading

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Learning on the go….

As I have bitched about in the past few weeks I have been trying to sort out my aging iMac to try and ring just a bit more life out of it before I have to bite the bullet and … Continue reading

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Rhythm is…

Its a passion…   People feel it everywhere…   You can feel it…

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Some kind a misunderstandin’


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