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Life is like a box of donuts….

  Do I stay or do I go?   Not sure whether this blog will be closed down after all these years or not.   I am rethinking my whole engagement with social media in general and this blog in particular.  Do … Continue reading

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Livin’ on a prayer….

After a bit of a struggle I have found some inspiration again to enable me to draw/paint (In the digital world there really isn’t any difference.) This year has been a bit all over the place – maybe thing might … Continue reading

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Wasn’t Me…

  Heard the words that I told her (It wasn’t me) Heard the screams get louder (It wasn’t me) Shaggy Seems Nurse Ratched isn’t happy and it is all the fault of the inmates.  Still it isn’t her fault.

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Another week starts and given the way things are developing it is unclear where we will be by Friday.  Oh Brexit the gift that just keeps on giving.   ‘One of my dunderheads,’ Connie Sachs explained to Smiley Not sure … Continue reading

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Time for a First World Complaint…

I somehow seem to have misplaced whatever talent I had for making a drawing that is reasonably likeness of the person I was drawing.  Not sure where it might have disappeared to but it ain’t here at the moment.   I … Continue reading

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Tonight I have seen…

Explosive few days…what better way of relaxing than making a bit of art!

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I don’t know why…

For reasons best known to…well I don’t know because I don’t know why – I decided to make a drawing.   World does seem to move in a mysterious way – just look at Brexit.    

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