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Perhaps I’ve been spending far too much of time researching all things neolithic but walking around the park this afternoon I came across this fellow and it made me start to think of a much older time. A time when … Continue reading

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Variations on a theme…

I’ve been busy the last few days with other matters to think about making any photographs – in truth I didn’t really have any motivation. So yesterday evening and dawn this morning I put arse into gear and went a … Continue reading

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Simpsons’ Clouds….

I think I have a number of times on this blog about great plans I have that come to nothing for a variety of reasons.  The latest one was to celebrate (?) the slight easing of the lockdown restrictions I … Continue reading

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Walk in the Sunshine….

So this weekend should have been the May Day bank holiday (Public Holiday) however this year it has been moved to Friday so we can celebrate (?) the 75th anniversary of the end of the second World War of the … Continue reading

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I know it is for my own good but….

So I have been in lockdown conditions since the 7th March this year (I started two weeks early because of a leg injury meant I had to rest).  I know I know the lockdown is for my own good and … Continue reading

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Sex in the Hall

Yesterday, according to the WordPress stats, the most popular search that was used to find my blog was “sex in the hall“.   I have no idea why my blog was coming up in search results about “sex in the hall” … Continue reading

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Today Yesterday Perhaps I was just a little too rash to downplay how brave/foolhardy I am.   Luckily the flood waters are subsiding – so perhaps not quite as brave as first reported!

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YouTube…what is it good for? Absolutely…

I have found myself watching a great deal of youtube these days.  In fact in my small and what I have always assumed exclusive selection I feel I have become something of an expert on the style and substance of … Continue reading

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A bit of a rough start….

April didn’t start too well – I was struck down with the a spring virus that whilst not particularly life threatening made me feel off it for almost two weeks.  It wasn’t helped by the continued Brexit nonsense.  Finally this … Continue reading

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Brexit Britain No. 08

What more can be said?

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