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20 things you never knew about the Sony A7 Mk 2

I really do apologise for the crap clickbait title to this blog…I must try better.  Anyway the real point of this post is that it is just over one year since I bought my almost new A7 Mk 2 and … Continue reading

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That Was The Winter That Was….

  So that is that then…winter is over!   Spring is here, well at least as far as the meteorologists are concerned (and me).  Whether the weather shares this point of view is another matter.   Now we are into March what … Continue reading

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Walking in the mist…

This weather is crazy.   On Friday it was 18 degrees C and we haven’t had a frost as such for some time.  Whilst on a personal level it is wonderful not to have to endure a harsh winter you do … Continue reading

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Doing something naughty….

As dawn broke this morning I found myself standing on top of a hill underneath the final approach to East Midlands Airport. It was a cold morning, not a middle of a Russian winter cold but cold enough for me.  … Continue reading

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A very long time ago…

  A long time ago I read the Arthur C Clarke short story The Sentinel.   It was the inspiration for the film 2001: A Space Odyssey and formed the first act.  In the story a structure of incalculable age was … Continue reading

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Autumn No 6

Sometimes when you stand on top the world you realise just how insignificant we all are.  Of course the Charnwood Hills are now little more than just that hills.  However, they are also some of the oldest pieces of real … Continue reading

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Waiting to get a ticket

This morning I had to go to the East Midlands Parkway railway station whilst a friend of a friend bought a ticket. This gave me chance to make a a few photographs. Just to think in a few years time … Continue reading

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