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Photober 08

There was a time not so long ago that such a sight was a relic that was deemed to be in the past. Well funny how things work out and now this sight is going to be around for a … Continue reading

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The in tray Prime Minister…you’ll need a stiff drink

So we have a new government…well sort of if you don’t look too closely.  Perhaps a better way to describe what has just happened is new emphasis by the same people.  Cynical? Only slightly I suspect.  So what do the … Continue reading

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Siri is shit

A short while ago I made a rather pathetic joke saying that voting for Voldemort made more sense than voting for Donald Trump.   The last week it would seem that he who must not named may well be back.  Of … Continue reading

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Some times I feel really embarrassed to be a …..

This has been one of the most depressing days I can remember in a long time and just to add to my sense of depression I have read some of comments on FB.  I really must live in another world. … Continue reading

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