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Saying goodbye to Summer with a Flatulent Horse

We humans do like to classify things, put things in their proper place – or is that just me?  I don’t think so.   This morning was the last day of summer up here in the frozen north and so it … Continue reading

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To see if he…

After a break it was back out on the Ironstone Benefice trail yesterday with the artist David Manley.   It was a hard slog and at times I wasn’t sure were going to be able to finished the day – fortunately we … Continue reading

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Sign of the times – Day 1

I read somewhere that there are more horses in Britain now than there ever was.  Whether this is true or not they certainly are a big part of people’s lives.   These two rascals were showing me a great deal of … Continue reading

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Suffering for my art…

Bright, flat daytime light is possibly some of the worst light for capturing images.   It makes for pleasant walking conditions, especially when there is a breeze, but capturing images – it can be a nightmare.   Today I found … Continue reading

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Making the most of dull

I knew a photographer who apparently liked the flat dull light of a grey day, I can’t say I do.   It makes things so much more difficult.  When I was young I used to devour articles about the wonder … Continue reading

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Killing time

A whole day to kill … the car is having some work done on it so I’ve got time to kill. Just spent half an hour or so sketching all saints church, Leicester … something I really don’t do unless … Continue reading

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Help I’ve just made a picture if a church!

Not sure what this means but I’ve made a drawing of a church…who knows where this will take me. Simon Marchini http://www.simonmarchini.co.uk

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