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Damp Under Foot…

The past few winters have been odd affairs. Not too cold and really very little snow but we certainly got a lot of rain. This winter is officially 7 days old and so far it is very mush the same … Continue reading

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So it is true….

Tier 3 for me! It seems that we in the East Midlands are the bad boys and girls as we are the only region where the infection rate has not decreased over the current lockdown – so that’s nice?!? The … Continue reading

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More Cold Toes….

The good news is that the lockdown will soon be over…the bad news is it looks like we may be in Tier 3 which means a bellyful of restrictions on what we can and can’t do. Hopefully, when the vaccination … Continue reading

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Cold Toes….

So I think this is the first time this year that we’ve had anything approaching a real frost. So what did I do? I decided not to wear my really warm coat! By the end of the shoot I was … Continue reading

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Into the MIsty Morning….

I don’t know about anyone else but I have been trying not to get too worked up about what is currently going on in that once great country of the United States of America. Anyone who has visited will know … Continue reading

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Into the Grey Shire….

As October starts to bite deep into the year so the mists rise. Today found me out once more pursuing the sun as it peaked through the dampness of October. Over the last three years I had spent my time … Continue reading

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Sex in the Hall

Yesterday, according to the WordPress stats, the most popular search that was used to find my blog was “sex in the hall“.   I have no idea why my blog was coming up in search results about “sex in the hall” … Continue reading

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43 Days

I know I should be working on the Scottish images but it wa just too tempting this morning so I had to get out and enjoy another beautiful dawn over my local river.   Brexit related?  Not a bit of it … Continue reading

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