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A special kind of hell…

  I was going to rant about how incompetent Boris John Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn are but what is the point?   We now live in such a crazy world that the two candidates for the highest office in the land … Continue reading

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D Day…

So the draft dodger in Chief has left our shores after celebrating the bravery of many  thousands of his fellow citizens who didn’t cry off when called to serve – I’m not sure if that is ironic or telling?  For … Continue reading

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She’ll got exposure…

There was a time, not too long ago, when I would write a lot about the current political situation then it struck me – what is the point?   I don’t mean that nobody listened – I always took that as … Continue reading

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A time to guess which Bluth is which…

Last night I started watching the latest season of Arrested Development (Better late than never?).   Anyway as I was watching the programme I started to get the feeling that this was perhaps the most insightful thing written about the current … Continue reading

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Dancing in the droplets…

So the papers are claiming that that is that for summer and we’ll all have to get use to a wet autumn starting early (I suspect that I might have over egged things just a little but as this seems … Continue reading

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Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’

So I was going to write something about tomorrow’s election but you know what I really couldn’t be bothered.  The dice will be thrown and we will have to deal with whatever happens. Over the past few days I have … Continue reading

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Lets all walk away now

Thankfully things seem to have calmed down just a little on the Korean peninsula.   It is reasonable to assume that if the Americans were serious about taking military action against the North then they wouldn’t have sent the Vice … Continue reading

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