Slack Jawed….

I feel like a slack jawed yokel as I watched the disintegration of the United States of America live on primetime TV last night. I am sure there are many people out there justifying what happened yesterday in Washington DC. I cannot. I have always thought that on balance the United States of America has been good for the world since the end of the second world war. Don’t get me wrong they country and its people have taken many missteps along the way but these do not outweigh the good the country has done. My view your view may well differ.

Yesterday finally destroyed any residual fondness I had for the country. From yesterday onwards the country has to try really hard to step back from the edge and I fear they will not do that. The reason for this is that even after everything that happened yesterday there were enough members of the congress who wanted to debate about the last election. No one, not one person, has presented any evidence to any court of any significant irregularity. Nothing. Yet so called rational men, I’m not sure whether there were any women, in the last congress still thought that there was massive voter fraud. They didn’t seem to equate the riot that took place in their place of work as any reason for them pause and reconsider what they were doing. That message will not be lost.

So going forward the United States of America has a lot of rebuilding to do and I don’t envy Joe Biden’s task. Perhaps cometh the hour cometh the man – I somehow doubt that. Now it would be a legitimate argument for an American citizen to say that I have no right to express any views about their country but I don’t believe that is true. We all live in a world that has been built by the United States of America since 1945; A world that has at its core an assumption that the United States of America will be some form of a bulwark against mobs storming their parliament building and forcing their legislatures to do the bidding of their leader no matter how illegal that might be. After yesterday that is no longer a valid assumption and the world that I live in has just got a whole lot more shaky.

The only good(?) thing to come out of yesterday is that it helped me to forget that we are in our third lock down of the last 12 months. Hopefully by Easter, or shortly after, I may well have had my first jab which may mean some form of freedom to move around beyond the confines of my neighbourhood and perhaps start to capture different images. That is if Trump hasn’t blown the world to pieces by then… The mist and frost this morning didn’t make things feel any brighter.

Come back, 2020. All is forgiven.

Patrick Maguire

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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