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An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can

Is this the end or the Beginning?

It is very easy to see things are going to ratshit.  As the heat rises so is the likelihood that the United States of America is going go up in flames.   Well that seems to be the view of many … Continue reading

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Nowhere Near the New Normal….

So it is almost a week since the Dominic Cummings story broke and we have learnt a great deal about where we are as a country.  However, perhaps the most important lesson that we have learnt is that at best … Continue reading

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Car Crash….

It is a rare spectacle to see the reputation of a government collapse almost overnight.   Usually it takes months or perhaps years as people come to realise that those who run the country are beneath contempt.   This long bank holiday … Continue reading

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Garden Bound….

  After all the excitement of actually getting out and enjoying the spring weather it was back to the garden.

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You can go your own….

After a while the mind just goes blank and you have to admit to yourself that you haven’t got anything worth saying – probably the case most of the time!

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Doing all the wrong things…on top of the world…

  Over the past few weeks my YouTube feed has been full of  photographers telling other photographers how to make photographs.   Whilst they do help up to a point all they end up doing is say that you should make … Continue reading

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Simpsons’ Clouds….

I think I have a number of times on this blog about great plans I have that come to nothing for a variety of reasons.  The latest one was to celebrate (?) the slight easing of the lockdown restrictions I … Continue reading

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