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What is there to say?….

I was going to write a post about the state of affairs within the current incarnation of the Conservative party and our ‘Dear Leader‘ Boris Johnson. What is the point? He’s broken his own rules, even his own MP’s seem … Continue reading

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New Beginnings…Again

It has been almost four years so I thought it was time to update my iPhone and these are some of the first images I have made. From the get go the camera is much better than on the 8 … Continue reading

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Autumn is Here….

It has been a while since I published anything but there is a good reason for that. However, life goes on and just at the moment the hedgerows and fields have, for good reason, decided it is is autumn and … Continue reading

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France has Sunflowers….

With the Tour de France only a few weeks away I thought this images was almost appropriate. Ok so the cyclists were hardly from the Tour de France (One day perhaps?) and the yellow flowers were buttercups rather than sunflowers … Continue reading

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The fields of Leir…

People have been living in the area where I live since the early Bronze age. Indeed, thanks to all the development over the past 30 years I know live in perhaps the best known prehistoric landscape in the whole of … Continue reading

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More Cold Toes….

The good news is that the lockdown will soon be over…the bad news is it looks like we may be in Tier 3 which means a bellyful of restrictions on what we can and can’t do. Hopefully, when the vaccination … Continue reading

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Lockdown or Tier 4?….

Do you know? I don’t. It certainly isn’t anything like as intrusive as the spring lockdown. Then hardly anything moved and very few shops were open. Now people seem to have found their own level of compliance and that is … Continue reading

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Into the MIsty Morning….

I don’t know about anyone else but I have been trying not to get too worked up about what is currently going on in that once great country of the United States of America. Anyone who has visited will know … Continue reading

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They give us those nice bright colorsThey give us the greens of summersMakes you think all the world’s a sunny day Paul Simon This morning I went out for my first Lockdown walk and it was a glorious experience, well … Continue reading

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Damp Day in the Glade…

Soggy underfoot and the leaves tired and damp. Welcome to October in England. One moment the sun shines then next it hides behind a layer of cloud. The acorns ripen and are consumed or concealed by Squirrel or Jay. It … Continue reading

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