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Today Yesterday Perhaps I was just a little too rash to downplay how brave/foolhardy I am.   Luckily the flood waters are subsiding – so perhaps not quite as brave as first reported!

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Wet Underfoot…

  As I mentioned yesterday we have had a significant amount of rain in a very short amount of time.  To the north of the country this has caused many problems where bridges have been washed away, houses inundated and … Continue reading

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91 Days

Over the past couple of days there has been significant flooding throughout the country (not in the southeast so it was very much third item on the news!) .  Anyway, I live above the floodplain so I am not really … Continue reading

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A bit of a rough start….

April didn’t start too well – I was struck down with the a spring virus that whilst not particularly life threatening made me feel off it for almost two weeks.  It wasn’t helped by the continued Brexit nonsense.  Finally this … Continue reading

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Exercising my little grey cells…

Day 2 of the great Canon experiment – which is something I’m definitely not calling my dailiance with my old Canon FD lenses – and I thought I would try things out on much more familiar ground.   I’m not sure … Continue reading

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A welcome relief…

  Oh Brexit, Brexit, Brexit – so good they named it?   This sentence makes no sense nor does the current Brexit position.  Here in Britain we a currently the laughing stock of most the rest of the world.  However, the … Continue reading

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The dog days of the year….

So that was Christmas and what have you done?   Well for me I have been pulling my yearbook together and well just making some sketches.   Well it beats watching the nonsense (most of it) that is on the TV!

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