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90 Days

  The votes have been cast and the result is in:  the Liberal Democrats have won back the Brecon and Radnorshire seat from the Conservatives.  This was the 18th winnable seat for the Liberal Democrats based on the last General … Continue reading

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92 Days

Beyond the probable disappointment of the Brecon and Radnorshire by election tomorrow there seems to be a small amount of good news for the Government and the alleged Svengali working behind the scenes Dominic Cummings.   It would seem that Nigel … Continue reading

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95 Days

  So the Sunday papers are in hyperventilating mode:  Boris Bounce; Election Fever; Farage  dodgy looking States side Brexit pressure group; Love Island – what isn’t there for the media to gorge on?   The old pre-digital adage  of today’s newspapers … Continue reading

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I do hope Boris can count…..

‘Tis the seasons for all things silly so I guess that may well be one of the reasons that we are likely to get Boris Johnson as the next Prime Minister.   The Conservative press seem to be getting all excited … Continue reading

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How dare the Brits do something so stupid?….Pt 2

Yesterday I wrote a piece about Brexit and Ireland – nothing new there – and how the political class in the Republic of Ireland, as represented by the Irish Times podcast Inside Politics, are starting to realise that for all … Continue reading

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So it is starting to like Al has got it….

So are we there yet?   Is Alexander Johnson the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?   No and No but I feel we might be getting very close after his significant win in the … Continue reading

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Up Alexander….

I’m really not sure I’ve cracked the likeness just yet but I have yet to see a less qualified candidate for the office of Prime Minister than Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson in a very long time.  A case can … Continue reading

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