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We Three Leaders of Britain are…

  Just over two and a half weeks to go before the election and all the polls seem to be pointing towards a Tory victory.   I can’t say I think that is the best result for Britain but if it … Continue reading

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Why do politicians lie?

  A sweeping statement I know and I am sure there are many politicians who would take exception to the implications.  However, if this election has been characterised by anything it is politicians of each party making outrageous claims about … Continue reading

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An act of god?…..

  The story writes itself.   Unfortunately, as the national newspapers all originate in London this is from the “In Brief” section of today’s Times.   The political talking heads, in London, are all chatting about the effect that Nigel Farage’s capitulation … Continue reading

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If he was from the House of Lords….

If you want to understand why the political parties have no control of the election process just look at the current flooding in the Yorkshire area.   There are a number of Labour seats in this so called “Red Wall‘ area … Continue reading

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1 Day

  This would have been it…we should have preparing ourselves for the great leap.  Instead, no ditch was worried by Boris Johnson but rather we are all getting ready for an election.   In many ways this is something of a … Continue reading

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