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Mostly Damp Coventry….

I really can’t wait until the 21st December…it was a horrible, damp dark day in Coventry…still the exhibitions were worth the dampness.

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27 Days

Recently my son asked a question about where the north south divide is in England.  This is not a uniquely English question as many countries old and new have some form of catological/social divide:  In the latest incarnation of Germany … Continue reading

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And Now For Something….

I took my iPhone for a bit of a walk around Birmingham today.   This is the first batch I will post some more soon once I have worked on them.

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Trying Something New…

You are never too old to try new things.  The other day I was watching one of my favourite camera guys on YouTube, Jared Polin, taking the new iPhone 11 pro for a spin and this got me thinking – … Continue reading

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Street Life…

  After bitching about the inadequacies of the iPhone I thought it might be useful to back this up with one or two images I have made over the years of the street life on the streets of London. Pulling … Continue reading

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It’s the future Jim but not as we know it….

The future’s bright the future is a smartphone…   As a now defunct phone company almost once said.   In the grey nothing that is mid winter it does allow a certain amount of crystal ball gazing about the future of photography. … Continue reading

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A good dollop of RAM…

  Autumn being the season of mellow fruitfulness I thought it would be a good time to splash out and give my aging iMac some more RAM and you know what it seems to have worked a treat.  Yum Yum. … Continue reading

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