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Platform 9 3/4….

Sometimes I find I capture a photograph without really realising the significance of what I have captured. This photograph is of a normal set of train platforms. I was attracted by the the arrangement of the three men standing there … Continue reading

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Contemplating the Eternity of Nothing….

Over the past few days the monotony of the lockdown (I’m really not sure whether this is still a thing anymore?) has been getting to me.   Thank goodness for Procreate!

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The Crimson Permanent Assurance…

  Walking around the City of London on Sunday I felt like I was walking through the set for the The Crimson Permanent Assurance short at the starting of the Meaning of Life.   All around me there were these tiny … Continue reading

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The Harry Potter Party….

“…Roll up roll up there is a new act in town.  I give you the brighter future…I give you the Harry Potter party….” I was going to write about what might be a new development in British politics.  However, events … Continue reading

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There be dragons….

After spending an excellent day in north London we found ourselves in trees of the Ashridge Estate, Hertfordshire.   This may well mean nothing to an awful lot of people – it didn’t to me until today.   However, many millions of … Continue reading

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Chasing the clouds away

This Potter sketching is getting just a little bit silly at the moment…perhaps this is because I don’t have the sensible Hermione Granger to keep me on the straight and narrow.   This isn’t the first time I have strayed into … Continue reading

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Just recently I have found myself being consumed by all things Trump.   I read numerous articles about how this or that had gone wrong or how he was showing every sign of starting world war three or or or.  In … Continue reading

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Going through the Fantasy Mirror

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Tom Makes Sense

I realise that these demonstrate my limits not only as a graphic designer but an artist in general but somehow I find this worrying on so many levels…F.U. or T.M.R. or D.J.T – you choose.

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Stranger things seem to be happening at the moment

You really couldn’t make it up right now…I wonder how dated House of Cards is going to look next week?

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