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The Crimson Permanent Assurance…

  Walking around the City of London on Sunday I felt like I was walking through the set for the The Crimson Permanent Assurance short at the starting of the Meaning of Life.   All around me there were these tiny … Continue reading

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The Internet is Silly….

One of the more crazy things about this world is that now is a whole industry developed to support the lunacy of Internet trends.   From Instagram spats to Twitter storms many people seem to lose any sense of perspective.  The … Continue reading

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Brexit Britain No. 13

Brexit means Brexit and we’re going’ to make a mess of it…. Anon Another day another location in Brexit Britain.  Yesterday it was the big one – London.   Of course there are as many Londons as there are people who … Continue reading

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One of the singular joys and frustrations of the English language is that you can make up new words as you go along and no really cares.  This is in stark contrast to French which has the Academie Francaise whose … Continue reading

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Project LV One – Day 111 – I am not very Groot at the moment

It is official I am the worlds worst patient or should that be impatient.  I am now sick and tired of being sick and tired and have decided to have a massive mard ( which interestingly Google auto corrected to … Continue reading

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Using Chrome

Here is another example of ‘free’ services being anything but that. I use Google Chrome as my browser of choice on my iMac. When I set my new iMac up I installed Chrome and logged in. Instantly the browser was … Continue reading

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Android Is Destroying Everyone… (businessinsider.com)

This is a well thought out article about how the smart phone Market is developing and how this will effect the iPhone and Apple. The only thing that was taken into account is the micro charging effect of iTunes. Once google has sorted a similar sy… Continue reading

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