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62 Days

In life  perspective is everything.  This morning is a case in point.   I had an appointment at my local hospital because an anomaly had shown up at my latest eye sight test.   Now I have had some experience of this … Continue reading

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The Internet is Silly….

One of the more crazy things about this world is that now is a whole industry developed to support the lunacy of Internet trends.   From Instagram spats to Twitter storms many people seem to lose any sense of perspective.  The … Continue reading

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Yesterday was one of those special days when domestic British news hits the world. It was fascinating to see the world of twitter light up with the news of the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. Initially it was only trending … Continue reading

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The Morning Papers…a bit of a moan

One thing my wife really likes about me (well actual she just turns her eyes to the ceiling and gives a sigh but why let the turth get in the way) is how whilst I read the morning paper, yes … Continue reading

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Black Tie Update

One of the most amazing things you get when some one famous dies, especially if that person is a politician, is a mountain of utter…. understandable…nonsense. There is a great scene in Yes Prime Minister when a former Prime Minister … Continue reading

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Trying to get to grips with wordpress

Still battling with Wordpress – I think I’ve set up the link to Facebook and Twitter….lets see if this post appears in either

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