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Photober 20, 21….

With winter coming along one has to wonder ‘just how bad will it be?’

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Killing Zone…

When we walk through a garden we usually appreciate the beauty of the plants and style of the way they have been arranged.   What is overlooked is that gardens are a killing field for many of the insects that … Continue reading

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50 million dead people on Facebook

There are so many things in life that we give next to no thought to, we just use a service and take it for granted that it will work.  We only become aware of something when it is no longer there. … Continue reading

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La petite mort or Memento mori

I haven’t the first clue where this painting came from but without doubt it is one of the strangest images I have ever made.  Is she asleep dreaming or is she dead and being lifted up into the heavenly realm? … Continue reading

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Project LV One – Day 36 – Rodin and Death

Last week I visited Compton Verney and saw their excellent Moore and Rodin exhibition.  In the grounds of the house the copy of the Burghers of Calais that is usually found outside Parliament is to be found.  This celebrates(?) the … Continue reading

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The Morning Papers…a bit of a moan

One thing my wife really likes about me (well actual she just turns her eyes to the ceiling and gives a sigh but why let the turth get in the way) is how whilst I read the morning paper, yes … Continue reading

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