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Photober 20, 21….

With winter coming along one has to wonder ‘just how bad will it be?’

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Strange May…

Snow in May – who would have thought that possible? That is what we had the other day in Manchester during the Champions league semi final and it has been cold in these parts as well but could enough for … Continue reading

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Nowhere to Go….

Yesterday I was allowed out of my local area – I had to take the car into town to be serviced and MOT’d. Now I am aware that my sticking to the lockdown rules are certainly more strict than many … Continue reading

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Too Old, Too Tired…

The beautiful dawn light this morning was so very very inviting. What great photographs might await the intrepid photographer? What photographs indeed – I’ll never know. I’ve been busy over the past few days and I was just too tired … Continue reading

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The fields of Leir…

People have been living in the area where I live since the early Bronze age. Indeed, thanks to all the development over the past 30 years I know live in perhaps the best known prehistoric landscape in the whole of … Continue reading

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A welcome relief…

  Oh Brexit, Brexit, Brexit – so good they named it?   This sentence makes no sense nor does the current Brexit position.  Here in Britain we a currently the laughing stock of most the rest of the world.  However, the … Continue reading

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That was the week that was…

Well I think we have survived the worst winter storm in a while…only thing is where I live it was really that much of endurance – thank goodness!   The news was full of deep snow drifts, communities cut off and … Continue reading

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When the snow brings the snow…

  The first snow of the season ( I hope it is the last but I suspect it is far too early for such wishes).   Bit of a head cold so the last thing I needed was to go wading … Continue reading

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It never rains until…

Well it was hardly the set of Frozen but today we had about 2 cm of snow which by mid afternoon had all but gone.   Just as my cold is starting to disappear I go and strain my back…nothing … Continue reading

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Still snowing – but not really settling. I suspect if you surveyed the body of blogging work that is emanating from the British Isles this morning there would be a real bias towards weather and moaning about it. However, sliver … Continue reading

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