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In an English country garden…

Perhaps not a ‘country’ garden but they are certainly from an English garden….

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Infinite Cubing….

It is nice to learn one new thing each day.  Today I learnt that cubing is in fact a recognised word (I know that is a very slippery slope in english compared say to french.)   Cubing according to the Urban … Continue reading

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From the bright side of the road…

What a wonderful thing it is to live in England in spring.  This is not meant to be some form of jingoistic statement but rather a reflection of just how the weather changes so quickly on these damp and green … Continue reading

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Finally – a nice spring day

One of the things about having such lousy weather is that when you get a nice day you appreciate it so much more. All these were taken in my garden – including the frog who had been disturbed by the … Continue reading

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