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A Bright New Morning…

  Over the years our views and tastes change.  We also acquire new skills and interests.   We also start to forget some of the things that once made us us.   An example from my own life is that I once … Continue reading

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Brexit Britain No. 09

It is very easy in these days of total confusion about WTF is happening in Westminster to forget that life goes on.  Perhaps the most surprising thing so far is just how little the nonsense is affecting life outside the … Continue reading

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Visiting Mr McGregor’s garden

One of the enduring impressions I get when wondering around the gardens of Calke Abbey is that I am in a recreation of the garden out of Peter Rabbit.  Yesterday was not an exception.  The sun was shining, the chill … Continue reading

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Blue skies above

After all these weeks of moaning about the greyness today’s sky is brilliant blue.   Tomorrow will return to grey but today I will enjoy the blue….winter is over…warmer days are coming.   Now expect six foot of snow!

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G1 x – first test drive

I’m taking this slowly, which for me is a bit of a first, so I’m just messing around in the garden at the moment. The object of the exercise is to get used to the different dials. Although I really … Continue reading

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Cheerful flower

At this time of year, especially given the weather over the past couple of weeks, I always find the daffodil lifts my spirits. The dafs are now starting to show in the garden and the sun is starting the shine, … Continue reading

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