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Polishing Balls…

I hope this makes sense but as I’ve got a cold so my thinking isn’t as clear as it should be (I’ll let you decide whether my thinking as ever been that clear!)   So we are at start of yet … Continue reading

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End of the world as we know it….

  So we’re off to the races.  The draft Brexit agreement has now seen the light of day and it seems to have upset everyone (except Theresa May one assumes!)  Will it pass muster?  I haven’t got the first clue … Continue reading

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Where the Dark…

A beautiful morning: just watched the season finale of Game of Thrones and everything is good in the world.   So what better time to make images of a spider on her web before the dew has burnt away…well sort … Continue reading

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For Losing woke up

I have only myself to blame….rewatching all the Game of Thrones from the start.

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Light of the Seven

A brother of the Night’s Watch who has seen a White Walker?   I guess this is the problem of rewatching the whole of Game of Thrones in prep for the next season – it tends to seep into all … Continue reading

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One Day Older

The other week Facebook asked me to update my date of birth so that friends could wish me happy birthday – the implication of this is that Facebook knows my birthday and so why don’t I let everyone know.  Well I … Continue reading

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I know nothing…

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