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Battling with Sunshine…

Given the weather from the last few weeks it does seem somewhat contrary to complain when a nice sunny day comes along.   Well being ‘ somewhat contrary‘ is a curse I have had to live with for a very long … Continue reading

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Infinite Cubing….

It is nice to learn one new thing each day.  Today I learnt that cubing is in fact a recognised word (I know that is a very slippery slope in english compared say to french.)   Cubing according to the Urban … Continue reading

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A bit of a rough start….

April didn’t start too well – I was struck down with the a spring virus that whilst not particularly life threatening made me feel off it for almost two weeks.  It wasn’t helped by the continued Brexit nonsense.  Finally this … Continue reading

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Teaching an old dog…

For reasons I have no intention of going into here I have just bought myself a new camera and lens – not an entirely unheard of pattern of behaviour on my part.   However at the same time my rather ancient … Continue reading

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Not always welcome…

  As summer approaches the flowers start to come out in force and it is so tempting to make photographic images of them.  But therein lies the problem.  Flowers need light to look their best but the combination of the … Continue reading

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From the bright side of the road…

What a wonderful thing it is to live in England in spring.  This is not meant to be some form of jingoistic statement but rather a reflection of just how the weather changes so quickly on these damp and green … Continue reading

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Back to the Ironstone…

Cold just about banished it was time to once more enter the freezer of the Ironstone benefice – today I was chasing snowdrops.

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