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15 Minutes by the Climbing Rose….

  I always find that I am fighting a losing battle trying to capture bees – especially with my antiquated equipment.   Hoverflies on the other hand are far more obliging.

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How to Kill the Buzz…

So two weeks in and what little reserve of fun I had has totally evaporated.   Every day around 4pm I hit the UK Covid dashboard for the latest figures on just how the infection in Leicester is doing and I … Continue reading

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Be careful what you wish for…

Was it just one week ago?  Was it really? Well yes it was and boy have things changed since I moaned about the tiny heatwave we were enduring at the time (by we I mean me!).  Since that day it … Continue reading

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I Hate the Summer….

I know this is a very unpopular view to hold but it is true I don’t like the summer (Please excuse the hyperbole in the title.).  I really don’t like the way it gets very sticky and humid (I’m sure … Continue reading

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