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An English Country Garden….

How many sweat flowers grow In an English country garden? Phillip Guyler / Johnny Griggs / Traditional   So the song goes…however, it doesn’t say anything about hay fever aggravating asthma!   Just to add to joy it would seem … Continue reading

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Suffering for my art….

  Joy of joys the pollen count is through the roof!   Breakout the asthma inhaler.  (I was going to say on steroids but of course the inhaler is a steroid so durrr!) .  The reason for all this suffering is … Continue reading

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Oil Seed

Oh the joys of being asthmatic in the spring.  Yesterday I walked to the shops and passed two large fields full of rapeseed flowers giving off their pollen.  Now usually rapeseed doesn’t effect me but yesterday it did so it … Continue reading

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