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  I was having a conversation with my son the other day and I explained just how clear the skies are now that Heathrow is all but closed.   He couldn’t quite believe that the megahub would have such an impact … Continue reading

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Making hay….

We are now back to indeterminant grey again – the clouds break for a shot while and a bright blue yonder appears only to be quickly enveloped once more by the grey of winter.   Because of this it is nice … Continue reading

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Mr Blue Sky…

  As we are just about to receive whatever storm Hannah has to deliver to us I suspect dramatic evening clouds will be gone for a day or so.  As I write this the sky is cold and slate grey.

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A very long time ago…

  A long time ago I read the Arthur C Clarke short story The Sentinel.   It was the inspiration for the film 2001: A Space Odyssey and formed the first act.  In the story a structure of incalculable age was … Continue reading

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All in a morning’s….

I never really understood just how much Ernst Haas has influenced my photography until really quite recently.

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Some flowers in your hair

Another unseasonably warm spring day – perhaps this is going to be the way of things to come?   If this is the case then I don’t like to think what the temperatures much further south are going to get. … Continue reading

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Project LV One – Day 342 – Spring has Sprung

  Winter might be coming to Westeros but here in jolly old England it really does feel like spring has sprung….long may it last      

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