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60 Days

I have written over the past few days that all the sound and fury being expelled towards the Boris Johnson government is fighting the wrong battle.  No doubt the protesters in Whitehall would see things differently – suggesting the size … Continue reading

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So much for great plans…

  The golden hour, oh how we photographers bang on about it.  The golden hour – the time around dawn and dusk when the light is at its best!   That is of course when the weather forecast is correct.   A … Continue reading

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Some flowers in your hair

Another unseasonably warm spring day – perhaps this is going to be the way of things to come?   If this is the case then I don’t like to think what the temperatures much further south are going to get. … Continue reading

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The in tray Prime Minister…you’ll need a stiff drink

So we have a new government…well sort of if you don’t look too closely.  Perhaps a better way to describe what has just happened is new emphasis by the same people.  Cynical? Only slightly I suspect.  So what do the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Flooding 2

Twenty four hours on and there seems to be a split appearing in the media coverage.  Some papers are no longer leading on the ‘disaster’ but rather are starting to get some perspective on the whole thing.  They have started … Continue reading

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Phew… what a difference a day makes

Well I think this proves that one should keep one’s mouth shut. Yesterday my only solace was that it wasn’t snowing. Today I don’t even have that. This is all caused by high pressure over Norway which is happily sucking … Continue reading

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