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Inane Ramblings….

Clean Bandit. For some time now I have quite liked some of the singles that Clean Bandit have out out – especially with Jess Glynne – so this morning I thought I would take a much deeper dive into their … Continue reading

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I just Want You…

Perhaps it is the same way that long dark winter nights make some people feel blue? Or perhaps it is the almost continuous dampness underfoot (some people have it far worse I know)?   Whatever the reason I have taken my … Continue reading

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The Saga Continues….

One of the most interesting things, for me at least, that I have learnt working on these 10 year old images is just how good the Canon digital cameras were at producing great colours.  I have heard a lot of … Continue reading

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Brexit Britain No. 02

I am a born worrier.  If I have a problem I can’t put it down or stop worrying about it.  Over the years for many interconnected reasons I worry even more than I did in the past.  This does have … Continue reading

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That Was The Winter That Was….

  So that is that then…winter is over!   Spring is here, well at least as far as the meteorologists are concerned (and me).  Whether the weather shares this point of view is another matter.   Now we are into March what … Continue reading

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It’s about three weeks – what have I learnt?

So here is my street photography set up – scary isn’t it.  A five year old camera body – although mine is around 3 years old and a lens that is over forty years old.  Those of you who might … Continue reading

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A lot of hard work for what?…

Another Sunday another session with the Canon FD Lenses and my Sony A6000.   To recap I have set of small lightweight Canon FD lens circa late 1970s that I have decided to try and use with my Sony A6000.  The … Continue reading

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