That Was The Winter That Was….


So that is that then…winter is over!   Spring is here, well at least as far as the meteorologists are concerned (and me).  Whether the weather shares this point of view is another matter.   Now we are into March what was the last three months like for me photographically?


I’m afraid to admit this but it has been the usual hotch potch of images with no underlying theme.   I have no core photographic interest but rather a scattergun approach to what I capture.  Yes some are shot with a wider project in mind but most are things that caught my eye whilst I have been out and about.


I have started to work on a new approach to making photographs using my A6000 and some old Canon FD lenses.  The results have been frustrating in that I can’t rely on my photographic skills and abilities to make the image I want to make with the equipment I have at hand.  Probably one of the reasons for this is that I am chopping and changing from the  full manual lenses with slightly dodgy optics to my latests Sony and Zeiss lenses.   The one great thing about the set up is that it is so light (my A7 and the prime lenses aren’t exactly heavy weight large format cameras) and makes for a great street photography set up.

Whilst talking about weight this has been the underlying driving force to my camera gear this winter – reducing it.   I ended autumn selling a zoom lens I bought only 3 months earlier and replacing it with a prime lens.   The reason for this was because I found the weight around my neck just too distracting.  Perhaps it is because I am getting older and the thought of lugging a load of gear around with me is not something that attracts me anymore.  Strangely enough I don’t miss the  flexibility offered by the zoom.   ( I felt the same when I sold a  similar focal length zoom lens for my APS-C set up in the autumn.  Although the Canon FD lens replacement is causing one or two issues as I have moaned about in this blog a number of times – including this one!)

So what does the spring hold?  Apart from Brexit I have one or two ideas rumbling around in my head including finishing the Ironstone Benefice project.  (As I write this even Brexit is still clouded in uncertainty and there is more than outside chance that the leaving process may be prolonged for several months longer – that will be fun!)

Overall the photographs I have produced during the last winter have been very rewarding for me and I hope that for those of you who have found this blog have given something to you too.


You can never plan the future by the past

Edmund Burke

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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