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A little perspective….

I was going to write something about the ever decreasing circles of competence of our lords and masters but I think I’ll leave that you another day.   Instead I took a walk in the park this afternoon and marvelled at … Continue reading

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Many of the hits of my youth are now repackaged as digitally remastered.   This is supposed to improve the sound quality for a digital world.   Over the past few days I have been revisiting my back up system (boring I … Continue reading

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For reasons that are just too boring to go into I am a bit housebound just now.  So the ultimate challenge – how do you make the ordinary interesting?   Not sure whether these are the answer. I’ve just checked the … Continue reading

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Autumn No. 31

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Autumn No. 18

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Well we survived the storm of the decade…actually we weren’t effected at all as the storm probably passed to the south of us.  It is always funny watching all the wet news reporters trying to hide their disappointment that, whilst … Continue reading

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