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Getting things in order…

It is a really tedious trying to get one’s life or order.  As I wade through the many many thousands of images that make up my archive it does feel that I am sifting through my life or at least … Continue reading

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Night Swimming

So R.E.M. are reissuing Automatic for the People for a 25th anniversary celebration (not quite sure how that works but hay what the hell do I know?)    So I am going through some images I made a while ago … Continue reading

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Visiting old haunts

It has been almost 6 years to the day since I made the journey over to Bempton Cliffs and a awful lot has changed for me and the reserve.  Back then I was just starting the metamorphosis from photographer to … Continue reading

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I’ve got a cold…you know who you are who gave it to me!

I’m feeling a little sorry for myself this morning as I’ve got a bit of a cold…not full blown man flu but we’re getting there! I suspect I know where I caught it as well but I don’t hold grudges…but … Continue reading

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