Getting things in order…

It is a really tedious trying to get one’s life or order.  As I wade through the many many thousands of images that make up my archive it does feel that I am sifting through my life or at least the last 18 or so year of it.   One of the few upsides of this exercise is that I find little gems that I had forgotten about.

As I believe I have mentioned before I have also started  watching vloggers bagging on about this or that development in camera technology.  They have been besides themselves with joy over the past few weeks as there has been an outpouring of new tech with image size this and stabilization that.   Whilst this is all very well it does rather miss the point of the whole exercise – to make images that you are proud of – if anyone else likes them I feel it is a bonus.  The camera is really secondary to the process, that isn’t strictly true of course but please allow me this conceit.  The image is all that matters.   So in an attempt to prove my point the images above were made with cameras and lenses which by today’s standards are little more than dinosaurs – not a mirrorless camera or IBIS close to them.  Yet I would suggest that they’re not a bad group of images I have found whilst wading through the archive.

About Guthlac

An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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