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For reasons that are too boring to go into I am in effect housebound for the next few days.   Not to put too fine a point on it it is driving me and certainly my wife CRAZY.   Perhaps the most … Continue reading

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Getting things in order…

It is a really tedious trying to get one’s life or order.  As I wade through the many many thousands of images that make up my archive it does feel that I am sifting through my life or at least … Continue reading

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What happened in 2004?

  For some reason photographically 2004 didn’t exist for me – just a blank.   I have been continuing my long overdue archive of my images and today I discovered that I don’t have any images from 2004.   Actually that might … Continue reading

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Learning on the go….

As I have bitched about in the past few weeks I have been trying to sort out my aging iMac to try and ring just a bit more life out of it before I have to bite the bullet and … Continue reading

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Clearing up…

  For a series of complicated interconnected reasons I have been wading through my back catalogue over the past few days.   As I did that I have found a few images that I thought worth giving a breath of freash … Continue reading

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Jessica and running out of RAM…

I have an ancient iMac that helps me produce all my digital output and just recently it has started to run out of puff when working with some of the very large files and new software.   In a very real … Continue reading

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