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Cold Toes…

Beautiful, beautiful light streamed in through the window this morning. Did it tempts me outside? Not a chance – it’s minus 3 degrees C outside and I’ve had my fill of cold toes for the time being. So instead I … Continue reading

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Goodbye Pale Moon….

Whilst the bitter cold had seeped into my bones every time I stepped out of the door it did have one bonus – wonderful views of the moon. Now, I’m afraid I won’t see the moon for a while as … Continue reading

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Too Old, Too Tired…

The beautiful dawn light this morning was so very very inviting. What great photographs might await the intrepid photographer? What photographs indeed – I’ll never know. I’ve been busy over the past few days and I was just too tired … Continue reading

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The fields of Leir…

People have been living in the area where I live since the early Bronze age. Indeed, thanks to all the development over the past 30 years I know live in perhaps the best known prehistoric landscape in the whole of … Continue reading

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Slack Jawed….

I feel like a slack jawed yokel as I watched the disintegration of the United States of America live on primetime TV last night. I am sure there are many people out there justifying what happened yesterday in Washington DC. … Continue reading

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We Know Better Than You….

Those were the days my friendWe thought they’d never end Eugene Raskin So, according to the New York Times Britain is yet again going off on another crazy wild stab into the dark by trying to get as many people … Continue reading

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Cold Toes….

So I think this is the first time this year that we’ve had anything approaching a real frost. So what did I do? I decided not to wear my really warm coat! By the end of the shoot I was … Continue reading

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Freezing on the Ironstone….

So the weather forecast suggested it was going to be a bright frosty morning – unfortunately no one told the the weather !   It was certainly chilly but not as bright as I would have wanted.   No matter as it … Continue reading

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Ride ’em

For those of you who do not know the east midlands of England is made up of five counties, Northants, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire – well that is the case as far as central government is concerned.   Its most … Continue reading

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Going nowhere fast

Oh the joys of a cold or is that a virus or …. Ever since I had a bit of a heart scare a couple of years ago, which was put down to a virus rather than anything mechanically wrong … Continue reading

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