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Not a white christmas…

So the plan was to drive to the coast and spend Christmas on the beach.   This being England and not southern California the ambient temperature on the beach would be around freezing but that wasn’t a problem as we could … Continue reading

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It’s manic out there….

I have a very ambivalent attitude to Christmas.    For more years than I care to recall I have worked on Christmas day or night – strangely enough I can’t recall actually ever working on lates on Christmas day.   So … Continue reading

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It’s a Christmas thing….

I was going to write about the madness that Christmas has become but I think that has been done to death.   Instead I am going to spend a few moments thinking about my favourite jumper.   A piece of clothing that  … Continue reading

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So winter storm Barbara is starting her run across the country and many Christmas lights are going to be blown over.  This morning I went shopping with my wife for the Christmas supplies and it was crazy – all around … Continue reading

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Project LV One – Day 159 – I DO NOT BELIEVE IT

As I will be busy most of tomorrow I thought I would get this day’s post in advance.  Also I just couldn’t wait another moment to let cry my outrage.   IT IS NOT YET OCTOBER AND CHRISTMAS IS ALREADY … Continue reading

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Hubris…oh wonderful hubris

Tis the day before Christmas and all is….well bloody frustrating!   Whilst other sane people are preparing for their Christmas celebrations this poor sap thought it would be a great idea just to pull in some light archaeological reading.  Nothing … Continue reading

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Shake it Out…some iPhoneography

I don’t know where this came from but I actually made an iPhoneography image! The Shake It Out ref is from the latest, and possibly best, Florence and the Machine CD. One final thing – the iOS spellcheck still doesn’t recognise iPhoneography – ver… Continue reading

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