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May the Games Begin

“…Are you going to say that my job will go because you will not have an arrangement with the United Kingdom?…’ Ian Duncan Smith “…It’s just utter bollocks that it will it should take ten years…” Lawrence Tomlinson Friday 22nd … Continue reading

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Project LV One – Day 346 – Hercules fighting a centaur

I’m really not sure why I made this quick sketch other than the ancient greeks are flavour of the month at the moment with the BBC.  This is because the British Museum has a major exhibition about how the ancient … Continue reading

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Project LV One – Day 310 – Some Thoughts

There has been a continuing line of criticism thrown at the BBC from members of the press, who for reasons they have yet to explain want to scrap the organisation, that the BBC is dumbing down.  If this argument doesn’t … Continue reading

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Ignore the Risk

  One of the joys of watching the world premiere on Sky Atlantic was that for the first time I’ve seen a Game of Thrones episode without some of the most intrusive adverts on  British Television.   Just think what … Continue reading

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Updated: Apple And The BBC To Co-Host iPad 2 Release Event?

via crunchgear.com the last link didn’t seem to want to work – hopefully this will Continue reading

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