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The Crown….

The first episode of the new season of The Crown has rekindled the mixed feelings about The Crown I first felt with the Aberfan episode from last season’s run. This year it deals with parts of modern history that I, … Continue reading

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All the lonely…

Thought I would exercise some different muscles today (I am attending a LIfe Drawing class on Saturday so a bit of practice wouldn’t go a miss.) .  It is also nice to use real materials instead of just Apple Pencil … Continue reading

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Perhaps I am an Apple fan boy after all…

There are times when we all have to face some hard truths.  Today was one of those days when I came face to face with my Apple purchases over the last ten years or rather the boxes they came in.  … Continue reading

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Sometimes I wonder am I getting just a little long in the tooth?

I’m so excited to write this blog I really am!   No wait this is the real world rather than the love in that was the Apple Special Event. October 30, 2018.   I suspect I am too old to understand why … Continue reading

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Castles in the air – life with the Apple Pencil

Six months can be a life time or just an instance.   In geological terms such lengths of time aren’t even considered other than volcanic eruptions (even this is a way too simple approach).   In Apple terms it is half … Continue reading

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Initial thoughts on a Fruits Based pencil

So two days have passed since starting my new life with my Fruit Based Pencil and a few things are starting to coalesce:  Firstly the iPad Pro is huge in comparison to my old iPad.  I know this should be … Continue reading

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Autumn No. 1 – I’m really excited to bring you the best ever…

I do apologise for the hyperbole in the title but I have been infected by Apple speak after watching the greatest announcement ever, see I’m at it again, the iPad/iPhone/Apple TV launch last night.  I’m not sure which is worse … Continue reading

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