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Sometimes I wonder am I getting just a little long in the tooth?

I’m so excited to write this blog I really am!   No wait this is the real world rather than the love in that was the Apple Special Event. October 30, 2018.   I suspect I am too old to understand why … Continue reading

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Samsung launches Galaxy S4 superphone – The pressure is on for Apple

As more and more new smart phones start to be launched suddenly the Apple line up is starting to look very tired. Well in truth it is iOS which is really in need of a major overall. This will significantly … Continue reading

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Platform war gets ugly – ouch the Apple tech blogs get touchy

A couple of days ago Businessinsider (see entry on 3rd April) stated that the Android operating system phone had taken over from iPhone in the smartphone Market – this has caused a storm amongst the Mac tech blogs. In short it would seem that anyt… Continue reading

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