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It has been a rough few weeks for me for many reasons and I am still not sure whether I have fully recovered. One thing that is clear is that I have lost my drive to capture images. I know … Continue reading

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The Crown….

The first episode of the new season of The Crown has rekindled the mixed feelings about The Crown I first felt with the Aberfan episode from last season’s run. This year it deals with parts of modern history that I, … Continue reading

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Today I’ve been mostly listening to Ommadawn…

Ommadawn was the third album that Mike Oldfield released and I think it is safe to say it is a bit of an acquired taste which is great because those of us who like the album are few and far … Continue reading

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Duck Shoot

We have all been there…you hear a snatch of a tune which is very familiar yet you can’t place where you first heard it.  For me it was a piece of music that seemed to be the go to music … Continue reading

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Perfect Illusion

I have been watching the excellent series The Crown on Netflix which, for those of you how might be aware, documents the first few years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth 2nd.   Perhaps it should have been called the … Continue reading

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