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This train

Buying a new sketch book skews the work I am producing at the moment…to put it another way I have a new toy and I want to take it out for a little run.   I bought this new sketch … Continue reading

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Summer Son

I have no idea where this came from…I just sat down this afternoon and started to draw – before I knew where I was she had appeared on the page.  Exactly what the painting is about is as much a … Continue reading

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The addiction of Pinterest

If you haven’t discovered Pinterest then perhaps you should.  It is a great way of storing images that you find on the Internet in one place to use as a resource.  There have been one or two copyright concerns and … Continue reading

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Something strange happened the other day

  I started a new short course at my local art centre the other week and something strange seems to have happened – I’m moving away from figurative to the more abstract…I wonder where that came from?    

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A new Idea

I went for a rather agreeable lunch today at my favourite National Trust property, Calke Abbey.  As I was doing this a germ of an idea for a new project was planted in my brain   ‘…How about making a … Continue reading

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Seems I’m a bit of a pornographer

WARNING:  This blog contains images that some people might find offensive.  If you are one of these people then do not look any further….you have been warned. It seems that me and Larry Flynt are the same.  We pedel pornographic … Continue reading

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Iron Age, Art and Photography

It’s been a bit of a bizarre few days. My new car arrived and I have spent quite bait of time driving around in it. Yesterday, for the first time in my motoring career the windscreen was cracked by a flying object on the motorway – this is real fr… Continue reading

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