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Brexit Britain No. 04

Beyond the sanity of the world outside Westminster everything appears to be disappearing up its own backside.   The Prime Minister is going to lose this vote or that and we’ll then be doing this or perhaps that.   You wouldn’t run … Continue reading

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Brexit Britain No. 03

Today was the first day in the heartland of Brexit britain – Wakefield – 66% in favour of leaving the European Union.  Guess what none of the people appeared to have horns or tails.   The reason for the visit was … Continue reading

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I spent yesterday visiting one of my favourite art institutions in Britain – The Hepworth.   Now I have been visiting on and off since it was opened back in Spring 2011 and yesterday was another very special day as … Continue reading

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Pushme Pullyou

Another day another step along the insane path we seem to be heading at the moment.   The Guardian paper is slowly melting under the total amount of loathing they are printing or publishing on line for the current situation. … Continue reading

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It’s raining men, Hallelujah

Over the past week I have visited The Hepworth and the Ashmolean Museum which are  two of the finest, in their own way, art institutions in the country.  Whilst there I found myself sketching classical male characters.

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Winter No. 03

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Project LV One – Day 217 – Searching for Black heads

  Strange how life leads you down strange and wonderful coincidences.  Yesterday, for reasons that are just too boring even for this blog, I found myself driving through Easington.  This was the mine which I believe used to dump waste … Continue reading

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