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Another day another step along the insane path we seem to be heading at the moment.   The Guardian paper is slowly melting under the total amount of loathing they are printing or publishing on line for the current situation.  Yes it is shit, we get that, but do we have to have every article about the Brexit a the result was wrong.  There will be plenty of time to say told you so when things go tits up but at the moment nobody has the first clue what is happening – so perhaps concentrate on that?

As for life on the political hustings, such as they are.  We have now gone back nearly 300 years at the moment when a small minority of people in Britain are going to select the new leader of the Conservatives and therefore the next Prime Minister.  I expect the MP for Old Sarum to pipe up any second now.  Of the giddy band of wannabes my vote, if I had one but I’m not a party member of 3 months standing so I can’t, the least worst choice is Theresa May.  At the moment she is favourite so I guess that means she won’t win.  Which leaves us with either Michael Gove, who seems to be really revelling in the assassin tag and the totally unknown, no experience of high office or running a political party Andrea Leadsom.  Both are Brexiters, which apparently is the only qualification now needed to run the country and Ms Leadsom has all the hallmarks of a UKIP enterist.  (This is no doubt very unfair on her but as no one knows the first thing about the woman, what she stands for or how she would cope with the pressure of being Prime Minister: the 3am call; nuclear launch codes; sending troops into harm’s way; PMQs in the House of Commons to name but 4 things that have nothing to do with Brexit I can make my own assumptions.)  Just to complete the appearance of a whiff of UKIP it would seem that her tax affairs are possibly not as straightforward as they might be.  Now I am not suggesting for one moment there is anything wrong but the last thing we want is for the new Prime Minister  to be embroiled in a tax scandal just as she is trying to sort out the Brexit mess that she had a major part in creating , even thought there may be no substance to the scandal.

Given the turmoil in the Conservative ranks it takes a rare and special skill for their political opposition to be in no fit position to make the most of this.  However, this skill is what the Labour party have displayed in huge amounts just recently.   Perhaps some Labour supporter can explain to me why they think that Jeremy Corbyn is the personification of the perfect leader?  I cannot see it.  I am not taking about his policies but rather his political and leadership skills which he has not once displayed in anything other than a disastrous fashion.  Perhaps I missed the memo but why should Corbyn be saved?   He cannot command the support of his MPs who were elected by the general public rather than the Labour activists and so have a much more legitimate mandate.  This doesn’t mean they will be selected for the next election, which is the right of the Labour Party, but then again I suspect many of those who are selected aren’t going to win their contests anyway.  However, given what has been going on over the past couple of weeks who knows…Jeremy Corbyn may well be the next PM but one.

Enough of this nonsense and away back to real world and I found myself today at the always delightful Hepworth at Wakefield.  The reason for the visit was to see Stanley Spencer exhibition which was up to the normal standards of the exhibitions at the Hepworth.


Now I am not in anyway an expert on the works of Stanley Spencer but what I know was greatly expanded by this exhibition.  Spencer was a truly gifted portrait artist if just a little odd, aren’t we all.   For me the highlights were the portraits and the Glasgow ship builders paintings from the Second World War but the exhibition was the closest you will get to a full scale retrospective so if you are in the area it is well worth a visit.

 So it was really relaxing to let my mind wander around the great art on display before coming back to the latest news about the complete travesty that is going on in and around Westminster.  If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny.

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An artist, historian and middle aged man who'se aim in life is to try and enjoy as much of it as he can
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